The Social Security Card on my Header is a fake, bought by an Illegal alien mexican drug dealer in Oregon . The cash is his stash of drug money.  Thats what little enforcement of Immigration laws and an Open border has brought us—millions of criminals. For less then $200.00 , an illegal alien can buy a green card and a social security card.

 From there  foodstamps and jobs are available to illegals. They can have as many stolen security cards as they like because our government doesn’t care.  If someone tells you they are legal, don’t believe them.


 typical mexican anchor baby above

 Recently I worked in an arena where I saw many immigrants illegals with green cards basically living here in the expensive DC area and getting county assistance and food stamps. Also know of immigrants illegals who made up their social sec. numbers altogether and then filed for the earned income tax credit. Some of them worked fast food and jobs like Chappotle. They are all so proud that their children are American citizens.  thats the deal, if you want to piss them off call them anchor babies and let them know you don’t think their brats are citizens but part of a scam like their fake

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